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Jrock/Visual kei Merch

-I prefer PayPal, but am willing to take other payments.
-Shipping prices are either included in the item price or listed for US items. I do ship internationally, but it will be expensive, especially for the magazines.  I will ship only after I receive payment. Payment is required within 48 hours of the invoice being sent.
-I ship Monday - Friday, and within 2 days of receiving payment, unless something comes up. If this happens, I will let you know that there will be a delay. Insurance can be added at buyer request.
-I'm not responsible for what happens to an item after I drop it off at the post office.
-I'll hold an item up to 5 days.
-All items are smoke free, however I do have a cat.
-Feel free to make me reasonable offers on any item. There's a good chance I'll accept since I just want this stuff gone.
-If you have any questions, feel free to message me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
-I'm currently not looking to trade for anything.
-Please only leave me comments. Do not PM about an item.

I have feedback here and here


Shipping for magazines is $5 in the US. International please ask.

1. Shoxx Vol. 199: Excellent condition, no missing pages. Includes poster (has putty marks on back) $10

2. ShockWave Vol. 7: Double-sided (The GazettE/Vidoll) no missing pages, only the posters have been cut out. 2 of the 3 posters are included (has tapes marks on back). $5
3. Cure Vol. 29: Missing 2 pages (1 is an ad, not sure what band the other is). Includes poster (has putty marks on back). $3
4. Cure Vol. 56: Double-sided issue, like new, no missing pages. $5
5. Cure Vol. 35: Missing 2 Kamijo pages. Includes poster, has never been used. $3
6. Cure Vol. 32: 2 pictures have been clipped out. Includes poster, never used. $3
7. Orkus Feb/March 2006: Good condition, no missing pages, some wear on the cover and spine. $3
8. Arena37c special #6: Great condition, one hide page missing. $5
9. Glare: Most of the Sugizo pages missing. $2
10. Vshot: Most of the Dir en Grey pages missing. $2

Shipping for magazines is $5 in the US. International please ask.

1. Purple Sky: Good condition, a couple pictures clipped out. $1
2. Cure USA: Missing several Yoshiki pages, slight water damage. $1
3. Cure Vol. 31: 3 Phantasmagoria pages missing. $3
4. Neo Genesis Vol. 14: Missing several Gazette pages and 1 Miyavi page. Includes poster. $5
5. Cure Vol. 55: Missing all but 2 Versailles pages, front cover, and a couple pictures have been clipped. $1
6. Cure Vol. 47: Missing several Phantasmagoria pages, front cover, and a couple pictures have been clipped. $1
7. Foolsmate #311: Missing 2 Yoshiki pages, front cover and a few pictures have been clipped. $1
8. Arena37c DX: Missing 3 Miyavi pages. $5
9. Gab Vol. 44: Free, just let me know if you want it included!

X Japan

hide Plushie
I am either the 2nd or 3rd owner of this plush. If I remember this is the 'Ever Free' plushie, however, I bought him a few years ago so I'm not 100% sure. He is in good condition except for the shoes, where the paint has peeled off. Still has the tag attached to the shoe, but the other tag fell off at an X Japan concert (Toshi dumped a bottle of water on me and it got wet :)).
Price: $40 Shipped US

Lollapalooza Men's T-shirt:
Shirt is in great condition. No stains, rips, or cracking of print. I think the shirt is a men's large, but the tag has been cut out so I'm not positive.
Price: $10 Shipped US


Dragon Men's T-shirt:
Shirt is in excellent pre-owned condition. Worn a few times with no stains, rips, or cracking/peeling of the print. Size is a men's large. Let me know if you'd like additional pictures.
Price: $15 Shipped US

x_japan_full_dragon IMG_0082


Shipping is $5 for magazines in the US. International please ask. All are in very good condition with no pages missing, however there is slight wear on the covers simply due to age and the fact that I purchased these secondhand.

1. Shoxx Vol. 31 (1995) $5
2. Shoxx Vol. 46 (1996) $5
3. Shoxx Vol. 49 (1997) $5
4. Foolsmate Dec 2001 $5


Butterfly T-Shirt

Condition: Great, with no tears, stains, or cracking on design. It's just slightly faded. Size is a Medium. If you'd like a better picture just let me know.
Price: $8 Shipped US


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